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Free Christmas Chair Cover


Factory Direct

Select your desired marble from Singapore’s top marble specialist

• Trusted local brand with a strong presence
• Largest marble factory in Singapore
• Five decades of experience in marble specialisation

• Long-established marble factory for tabletop cutting and polishing.
• Exclusive European imported table legs and marble
• Customised according to requirements.
• Choose your own tabletop stone and table leg style

Affordable Italy Furniture & Lighting

After six years of operating in downtown locations, the wellknown Italian furniture retailer Homes65 has relocated to a modest self-owned unit, continuing its specialization in direct sales between local consumers and European suppliers.

They now operate by appointment only and can even visit customers’ homes to assess their style and color preferences, suggesting suitable furniture accordingly.
Without the burden of hefty operational costs and expensive overheads, these savings are directly passed on to consumers, making luxurious Italian furniture more affordable while providing more personalized services. Visit them at The TOP Show from September 23rd to October 1st for ready stock Italian dining chairs at factory prices!

Maintenance and Refurbishment Services

Hoping to preserve a well-loved piece of furniture or save costs by avoiding buying a new one? Homes65 offers furniture maintenance and refurbishment services, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your furniture.